We Want Lady Gaga To Hold Our Hand While Watching Her ‘Top Gun’ Video

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Lady Gaga's Top Gun: Maverick Music Video For Hold My Hand Features A  Touching Tom Cruise Flashback | Cinemablend

Fly planes. Make us cry. Look staggering while at the same time getting it done. Woman Gaga can take care of business all. On Friday, the Chromatica vocalist delivered the music video for “Hold My Hand,” the lead single from the Top Gun: Maverick film soundtrack.

The Joseph Kosinski-coordinated video shows clasps of Gaga — looking lovely as ever in her pilot coat and shades — as she sings the profound track from under a fly and plays piano on a plane runway. The video is grafted with scenes of Tom Cruise in the new film too. Everything closes with Gaga belting the track’s personal verses as planes take off. 온라인카지노 신규사이트

Crazy has been prodding the music video’s delivery for a few days. “Fun reality: the first Top Gun turned out in 1986, the year I was conceived,” she composed on Instagram Thursday. 안전놀이터

Journey as of late addressed James Corden about how “Hold My Hand” turned into the “heartbeat” of the forthcoming film.

“Clearly making the soundtrack and the music in each film is vital and this one was extremely specific,” he said. “There was only a sound and something we were searching for and there was something wrong with it. She introduced her tune to us and it just opened up the entire film.”

He added, “It just made those ways for the close to home center of the film that we had. At that time, things just met up in such a delightful manner. Her tune that she’d composed recently fell right in and turned out to be, truly, the basic score and the heartbeat of our film.” 메이저사이트

Crazy shared a close to home clarification for the BloodPop-created single on Twitter. “At the point when I composed this tune for Top Gun: Maverick, I didn’t understand the various layers it spread over across the film’s heart, my own mind, and the idea of the world we’ve been living in,” Lady Gaga made sense of. “I’ve been chipping away at it for quite a long time, idealizing it, attempting to make it our own. I needed to make music into a tune where we share our profound need to both be perceived and attempt to see one another — a yearning to be close when we feel up until this point away and a capacity to praise life’s legends.”

She added, “This tune is an adoration letter to the world during and after an exceptionally difficult time. I’ve maintained that you should hear it for such a long time.”

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